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Is to be partners in the provision of quality health and wellness opportunities by rendering urbane services that will impact our regional history that even children yet unborn, shall live to be proud of.

StayWellWorld TV Series (Television): This is a thirty-minute weekly health enabling television series that provides simplified empowerment through health literacy, advocacy, and prevention. It strategically explores 3D anatomy animation along with other intriguing segments like physician appraisal, public opinion, and incisive cinematic drama to x-ray the causes, symptoms and treatments of various health concerns, one topic at a time.

It is time for a new dawn to intrinsically deliver authentic and accurate information to empower the people and subsequently remind authorities of their essential responsibilities towards quality living conditions across board, because the imploding health situation is of a serious concern now more than ever before.  And while putting most third world countries in perspective, nothing else could better describe most conditions as ‘pathetic’, and response required, as ‘extremely urgent’. This Television Series is a recorded weekly health and wellness magazine program created with advanced but simplified technological applications to arrest such situation through practical empowerment. 



StayWellWorld TV Series has successfully assembled a unique piece that excitingly contains familiar instruments however complicated, to translate health and wellness messages weekly in a much-simplified manner. It is an audience-friendly project that basically empowers, even if it is as little as triggering a single question that bore out of the desire to know. We invite you to join us in this unique project that is also positioned to influence psychic shift that will distinctly address superstitious and stereotypical stance, stamping out stigmatization through all-inclusive communal participation.


Programme contents:


The programme routinely uses a few intertwined segments evidentially to substantiate facts and truths for better understanding. We hope to show viewers where they are during each episode, where they ought to be, and how to use and sustain such gains.


  • Vox-pop or Public opinion: This platform succinctly samples perspectives of the general public and provides the opportunity to monitor their pulses through impromptu random interviews.  Authorities’ attentions could be drawn through this fact sheets to certain arrears of the populace interests and concerns. 


  • Drama: It theatrically communicates several true-life experiences through a short but movie like productions. This segment seeks to highlight and address the symptoms, causes, wrong notions, negligence, superstitions, and stigmas,


  • 3D anatomy animation: Inventive illustrations that inclusively projects the smallest of substances are accurately utilized. This motion picture enhances viewers’ knowledge through significant graphical illustration that reveals the behavioural patterns of the human structure. Simply put, complicated structures can now be viewed in 3D with much more precision and clarity


  • Physician or Experts interview: A professional overview is given by competent physicians that meticulously expatiate on the causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, and management of a given medical condition.  As aforementioned, this segment also leverages on other segments to illustrate the Specialists’ admonitions to enhance viewers understanding.  


  • Question and Answer (Quiz Section): The audiences are quizzed in order to refresh them on the subject matter. These questions often take different dimensions and also come up towards the end of the broadcast. The answers to the questions are later revealed for viewers personal evaluations.


It is a sponsor driven health series, syndicated to several other television and media operators in several other translated languages for each topic apart from its original English language version. It is expected to debut September 2020, in Nigeria. It is very much open to international broadcasting too. 



We propagate that;


Access to health care brings about wellness


Wellness produces human resource 


Human resource breeds development 


Development sustains a nation


A sustained nation is of great essence to the earth


Therefore, health surpasses any form of barrier, be it, race, ethnic, religion, politics, class and many others.

Is to explore the benefits of staying healthy by bringing people, organization and resources together to encourage healthy living and enforce substantial healthy people and environment. 




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