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Is to be partners in the provision of quality health and wellness opportunities by rendering urbane services that will impact our regional history that even children yet unborn, shall live to be proud of.

StayWellWorld Club for schools: is a customized health, safety and environment training designed for schools especially high school students. This exposure is dynamic and it is subsequently culminated with First Aid, CPR and AED training. We believe that the knowledge of this curriculum will equip successful participants with the realities of health and wellness. They will become more safety conscious because they now have the confidence and ability to react immediately to an incident, injury or illness.


It is a 16 hours training program that could be spread across 2 months of a weekly 2 hours session each. Its flexibility allows for certain adjustments to work out some possibilities with interested administrators. But one major criterion to get our commitment for this training in any school is at least a proof of commitment plan to HSE from the school administrator.


That is also our own systematic way of ensuring that schools have or are willing to put in place effective risk management policies and implementations. School authorities are then challenged to provide adequate and appropriate facilities and personnel to deal with emergency situations to offer relief before further support arrive, so that the training we may have offered can be practically sustained as well. This among every other safety consideration is to push for the safety and prevention of illness or injury in schools, where students can receive immediate attention if they are injured or fall sick.


We hope that the techniques gained during this program by participants would help:

  • To become safety aware and are able to spot hazards and potential incidents before they occur.

  • To become more alert to their environment and would raise alarm more quickly when they understand the risks and dangers.

  • To reduce number of accidents drastically especially in schools, play grounds and homes.

  • To step up with confidence in emergency situations and save lives especially where spontaneous or immediate action is required.



We propagate that;


Access to health care brings about wellness


Wellness produces human resource 


Human resource breeds development 


Development sustains a nation


A sustained nation is of great essence to the earth


Therefore, health surpasses any form of barrier, be it, race, ethnic, religion, politics, class and many others.

Is to explore the benefits of staying healthy by bringing people, organization and resources together to encourage healthy living and enforce substantial healthy people and environment. 




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